Beans Poriyal


Recipe Spotlight

French beans also called as Ooty beans, boiled and seasoned with mustard & chenna dal, a simple and easy recipe.

Servings: 4 Persons


French Beans (250gms -Chopped 1/2cm thickness cut)

Green Chillies (2nos. slitted)

Onion (1no. chopped small)

Chenna dal (½ tsp)

Mustard (¼ tsp)

Oil (½ tsp)

Salt to taste

Turmeric Powder (¼ tsp)

Optional: Grated Coconut (1/4 cup)


Heat oil in a pan, add mustard, wait till mustard sputters.

Add Chenna dal, Green chillies & onion, saute for a minute in medium flame, add beans, turmeric powder & salt.

Mix well, Lower the flame. if required, sprinkle water. Cover it with lid.

When cooked, garnish with grated coconut & saute for a minute.


Yummy Healthy Beans Poriyal ready, a good sidedish for rice.

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