Bombay Toast (French Toast)

Bombay Toast

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A delicious recipe, bread immersed in Egg & Milk, gives a Yummy taste..

Servings: 4 Persons


Bread Slices (8nos)

Egg (2nos)

Milk (Boiled & Cooled – 1 cup)

Sugar (3-4tsp)

Cardamom (1no. crushed)

Butter or Ghee (2tsp)


Mix  boiled milk (Cold), 2 eggs, sugar & cardamom in a bowl. Whisk Well.

Heat Flat griddle pan (Dosa Pan) grease with Ghee / Butter.

Take one slice of bread, immerse in the above mixture, make sure both sides are dipped properly.

Fry it in the pan, in low medium flame.

Turn the bread other side, & toast well.


Dole out Yummy Soft Bombay Toast.

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