Bread Pakoda (Masala Bread Bajji)

Masala Bread Bajji

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Bread stuffed with Potato masala, dipped in besan flour batter & deep fried in oil. A Yummy snack with Tea. (Bread Pakoda, Bread vada, Bread Bajji are some other names in India.)

Servings: 4 Persons


Bread (cut diagonally) – 4 slices

Oil (to deep fry)

For Batter:

– Besan Flour – 2 cups

– Chilli Powder – ¼ tsp

– Garam Masala (or Chicken/Mutton Masala) – ¼ tsp

– Salt (to taste)

– Garlic Cloves – 2nos (Crushed)

For Masala:

– Boiled Potato – 2nos.

– Chilli Powder – ¼ tsp

– Coriander leaves (1 bunch, chopped fine)

– Salt (to taste)


For Batter: Mix all the above batter ingredients with water, avoid formation of lumps. Keep it aside.

For Masala: Smash potato & mix all the above ingredients. Keep it aside.

Stuff a thin layer of Potato Masala in between 2 bread slices & keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan.

When ready, dip the Stuffed bread in batter & deep fry both sides in oil.


Serve hot Bread Pakoda with your choice of Chutney.

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