Burmese Noodles – Veg Mohinga

Burmese Noodles – Veg Mohinga

Mohinga is a soupy noodles, with main ingredient as fish, but, we’re not going to use fish.. This is pure veg Mohinga.

  1. SOUP recipe
    Boil Plantain stem / Valai-thandu and keep aside
    In 5 cups of water, mix 4tsp of gram flour, salt, 1/4tsp finger garlic paste and bring it to boil.. Add cooked plantain and 1/2 tsp of chili powder.. When raw smell goes off, remove from stove.

  2. NOODLES Recipe:
    Cook hakka noodles and keep aside, as per the instructions in pack.
    Slice 2 big onions thin & long, and 1/4 cabbage, thin and long, keep aside..
    Powder 1/2 cup fried Bengal grams with 4 dry chilli, keep aside
    Crush 10 cloves of garlic & fry it in 5tsp of oil, in low flame, till crisp.

  3. Buy thattadai / nippatu, keep ready..

Mohinga Noodles:

Mix ask the above noodles with the ingredients of 2 in a big bowl
Serve into small bowls
Garnish with coriander leaves..
Crush and add nippattu to the small bowls
Poor SOUP to the bowl and serve hot..

Taste of Burma will dance in your tongue..

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