Phirni (Rice Kheer)

Kheer / Payasam prepared with Bhasmathi rice and milk, a yummy Punjabi recipe.

Sooji Paniyaaram (Rave Guliyappa)

  A different paniyaram made using Sooji & Curd; I tasted in my Maharastrian friends house, yummy & crispy; Paniyaram is also…

Carrot Beans Poriyal (as in Restaurants of TN)

Carrots & Beans cooked with Onions & garnished with coconuts, Wow.. a healthy side dish for  Chapathi & perfect sidedish for…

Matooke (Ugandan Recipe)

Matoke, (also known as matooke, ebitookye in Uganda) Raw plantains are often wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed until tender, in…

G-Nut Sauce

Ground Nuts are called as GNuts in Uganda. Ebinyewa is the local name for this GNut Sauce in Luganda, the language…

French Beans Fry

French Beans finely chopped & fried in a thick pan, till crisp, Tastes yummy!!

Steamed Fish

Fish Steamed with Chilli Garlic & salt in Oven, gives you a pleasant taste.

Sabhudana Kitchidi

Sabhudana Kitchidi is a yummy recipe usually prepared during fasting days in North India, with Cubes of Potato & Peanuts.…

Sabudana Vada

Sabhudhana / Javvarisi is a ready to cook food product of Tapioca / Cassava / Maravalli Kilangu.  A yummy Vada…

Crystallised Bread Toast

My Son’s Creative recipe.  Smells Good & Tastes Yummy!! Wow!!