Kids Burger

  High in fibre, low in fat, Brighten up your kids day with this healthy burger topped with colourful vegetables.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji – Mumbai’s one of the famous street side yummy snack; Pav means bread & Bhaji is the mix…

Chicken Pizza

Yummy Fresh Pizza made at home, tastes healthy when compared to the one you buy.

Pizza Dough

A daily use pizza dough, enjoy Pizza with the home made dough.

Bread Pakoda (Masala Bread Bajji)

Bread stuffed with Potato masala, dipped in besan flour batter & deep fried in oil. A Yummy snack with Tea.…

Bombay Toast (French Toast)

A delicious recipe, bread immersed in Egg & Milk, gives a Yummy taste..

Crystallised Bread Toast

My Son’s Creative recipe.  Smells Good & Tastes Yummy!! Wow!!

Bread  & Kachumbari Omlette

Many of us love Bread Omlette, an anytime snack. Kachumbari is noting but a mixture of Finely chopped onion, tomato,…

Bread Uppma

A delicious recipe made with excess bread, seasoned with Onion, Jeera & green chillies.

Aloo Paratha

Dhaba style of roti stuffed with potato, has a different taste, enjoy with curd or pickle.