Lamb Kidney Pepper Fry

A yummy lamb recipe, Kidney Pepper Fry. A yummy side-dish for rice.

Ambur Mutton Biryani

This delightful signature rice dish is cooked with Mutton in a airtight vessel so as to absorb the richness flavor of the…

Dindigul Mutton Biriyani

The specialty in Dindugal biriyani is the usage of Jeeraga Samba rice, instead of basmathi rice & the grounded spices. This delightful signature…

Brain Fry

A simple & delicious recipe – Moolai Varuval (Goat Brain Fry), available across all chettinad / military hotels in S.India.

Mutton & Jackfruit Seed Fry

Mutton fried along with Jack fruit seeds, a yummy TamilNadu Special;

Aatu Kaal Soup

A delicious & authentic soup prepared with goat’s leg.

Kaal Kurma

Juicy Mutton legs cooked in flavours of juicy coconut milk, gives a superb taste.

Mutton Bone Soup (Margandam Soup)

A healthy olden day recipe, prepared with Goat’s chest bones & freshly grounded pepper.

Nilgiris Mutton

Mutton marinated in the paste of Coriander seeds, Black Pepper & Red chillies, tastes different; Spicy & Yummy;

Mutton Kurma

  Use Pressure cooker and prepare this Mutton gravy, Quickly.