Crispy Corn

Easy Quick and Yummy Snack – Crispy-Corn takes less than 10 minutes to make and are loved by kids to grown-ups.…

Kids Burger

  High in fibre, low in fat, Brighten up your kids day with this healthy burger topped with colourful vegetables.

Then Thinai Laddu

Foxtail millet is rich in dietary fibre, and minerals like iron and copper. A healthy snack for kids and teens.

Corn Fritters

A quick snack – sweetcorn fritters – takes 10 minutes to make and are loved by kids and grown-ups. There’s…

Sora Puttu

  Sora Puttu, is an authentic  recipe – fish fried in an unusual way from that of our regular fish…

Pop Corn

A yummy snack all over the world.. Pop the corn, in a simple easy way.

Kaalaan – Street Food

Chennai’s Kaalaan – a fast-food available in the streets of Chennai with NO MUSHROOM in it, but named as Kaalaan,…

Sorakai Dosai

There are different dosai available; Other-than the traditional & aunthetic regular dosai (Urad Dal + Rice), its also called as…

Dosa / Dosai

  Dosai / Dosa is a traditional all time food in South Indian households,  a crispy pan cake type, that is popular throughout…

Paneer 65

Small Cubes of Paneer in a mixture of Corn flour, deep fried in Oil, tastes Yummy – a great Snack.