Murungaikkai Poricha Kulambu

Poricha Kulambu is a very traditional & authentic gravy prepared for rice in Tamil Bramins houses. I tasted this in…

Cabbage Carrot Poriyal

Carrots & cabbage cooked with Onions & garnished with coconuts, Wow.. a healthy side dish for  Chapathi & perfect side-dish for rice.

Plantain Stem Poriyal (Valaithandu Poriyal)

Vazhaithandu / Plantain stem is most fibrous healthiest food to be considered to be consumed atleast once a week. Banana stem…

Pudalangai Kootu

Snake Gourd / Pudalangai – cooked along with Dal, tastes yummy for rice & chapathi.

Peerkan Kootu

Ridge Gourd / Peerkangai – cooked along with Dal, tastes yummy for rice & chapathi.

Ridge Gourd Poriyal (Peerkan Poriyal)

Peerkangai is also known as Luffa acutangula / turiya / turai / beerakai / dodka / ridge gourd. This vegetable has an excellent medical benefits; Excellent…

Drumstick Garlic Pepper Fry

Drumstick cooked with garlic & pepper, gives you a yummy flavoured side dish for rice. (Murungaikai milagu varuval)

Meen Kathirikaai Kulambu

Meen Kathirikaai Kulambu – a traditional spicy tangy yummy gravy that goes good with Rice, a speciality of Tamil Nadu.

Mutton & Jackfruit Seed Fry

Mutton fried along with Jack fruit seeds, a yummy TamilNadu Special;

Mix Veg Korma (with Cashew)

Vegetables (use your choice of vegetables) prepared with the flavours of grinded cashew, yummy yum for Chapathi / Naan /…