Aatu Kaal Soup

A delicious & authentic soup prepared with goat’s leg.

Mutton Bone Soup (Margandam Soup)

A healthy olden day recipe, prepared with Goat’s chest bones & freshly grounded pepper.

French Onion Veg Soup

A Yummy Healthy mix Veg Soup with fried onion rings.

Veg Clear Soup

A Simple, Easy, Healthy, Yummy: Clear Veg Soup.

Paruppu Rasam

This Paruppu Rasam is very famous in the marriage feasts of Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, with tomato, boiled thoor…

Mysore Rasam

Mysore Rasam, an yummy tasty rasam recipe with the flavours of fried thoor dhal & home made rasam powder.

Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam, an easy recipe,  with the pulp of tomato & rasam powder, an everyday mandatory requirement for South Indians,…

Rasam Powder

The mixture of roasted Pepper, Jeera, Dhal, Dhania gives you a yummy flavor with the spicy taste of Red chillies,…