French Onion Veg Soup

French Onion Soup

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A Yummy Healthy mix Veg Soup with fried onion rings.

Servings: 4 Persons


Carrot – 1, finely chopped

French beans – 5nos, finely chopped

Cabbage – 1cup, finely chopped

Corn flour – 5tsp mixed well in 1 cup of water

Sugar – 1tsp

Salt – to taste

Butter – 2tsp

For Onion Rings:

Onion  – Sliced like rings – 2 cups

Oil or Butter – to fry onions

Corn Flour – 2 tsp


For Onion Rings:

– Mix onion rings with corn flour & with 2 pinches of Salt.

– Heat oil or butter in a pan, fry these rings & keep aside.

French Onion Soup – Preparation:

– Boil chopped carrots, beans & cabbage, in 3 cups of water, for 10 minutes.

– Mix corn flour mixture, sugar, quarter salt and give a boil.


Dole out yummy Soup, garnishing with fried onions & a spoon of butter.

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