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Born in Tamilnadu, a state in Southern India. Each state in the Indian subcontinent has its own culinary etiquette. TamilNadu cooking is as sundry as it is yummy, from streets snacks served with spicy delight, to the graceful meals served at restaurants and home-style dishes that fit for everyone.

I love food, which made me to show interest in exploring many culinary and replicate in my kitchen”

From the age of 15, I take notes from grandma’s and Gourmet, run to the kitchen, and try to replicate whatever they were making that day using the ingredients in my parent’s kitchen.

“My DAD is my inspiration – on weekends, he cooks whatever he has tasted from the restaurants”


In search of Yummy food, I have visited many places and still continuing my travel.. ..

– my thirst to taste and learn tongue tingle cuisines.. continues..


Tandoori Raan @ Delhi Karim'sOnce you’ve grasped the main cooking techniques,
you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make

– a world away from average restaurant offerings

<- ¬†Tandoori Raan @ Delhi Karim’s Mughals Food Restaurant

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