Egg Garlic Fry

Egg Poondu Varuval

Recipe Spotlight

Boiled eggs fried with chilli powder, with the flavours of garlic.

Servings: 4 Persons


Egg – 4nos, boiled (muttai vegavaithu)

Garlic – 6nos, crushed

Curry leaves – a sprig

Home-made chilli powder – 1tsp (or chilli powder ½tsp + Coriander powder ½tsp)

Salt – to taste

Sesame Oil – 4tsp (nal ennai)


Boil eggs & peel of the shells. You can fry whole or cut into half.

Heat oil in a pan, fry eggs in low flame.

When crisp, add garlic, home made chilli powder, Salt & sprinkle water.

Fry for a minute or till the raw smell of chilli powder goes off. Please make sure the chilli powder is not turned brown/black.


Dole out yummy hot spicy Muttai varuval as a side dish for rice.

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