Pani Poori

Pani Poori

Recipe Spotlight

Pani poori : A yummy street snack filled with boiled potato & spicy tangy water is also called as Gol-Gappa or Gup-Chup

Servings: 4 Persons


Buy ready-made Pooris or prepare:
Rava(1/4 cup)
Wheat (1/4 cup)
Maida (1/4 cup)
Salt (to taste)
oil (to deep fry)

Filling Stuff:
Potato (2 nos, boiled & skin peeled)
Onion (1/2 cup chopped finely)
Red Chili Powder (1tsp)
Chat Masala or Jal Jeera Powder (1tsp)
Coriander Leaves(2 sprigs chopped )
Salt (to taste)

Pani Preparation: 
Black Salt (1tsp)
Mint Leaves (1/2 cup chopped)
Coriander Leaves (1/2 cup chopped )
Lemon juice (8tsp)
Green Chilly (3 nos)
Cold Water (4 cups)
Jaljeera Powder (2tsp)


Prepare like Poori, 2 inch dia & deep fry in oil (as shown in image)
Filling: Smash Potato, mix all the ingredients (as shown in image)
Water: Use electric Mixie & grind all the ingredients, add cold water (as shown in image)


Tap the poori in the center gently to make a hole.
Scoop mashed potato filling to the poori.
Immerse the poori in the chilled water and serve immediately.

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