Crispy Plantain Pakoda (Vazhaaithandu Pakoda)

Vazhaithandu Pakoda
Recipe Spotlight

Healthy plantain stem chopped to tiny pieces, in a mixture of fried gram flour and Gram flour, deep fried in Oil, tastes Yummy – a great healthy Snack, anytime. You can’t get this in hotels or at Indian Sweets Shops, now in your home, made by you with LOVE, to your loved ones..

Servings: 4 Persons


Plantain Stem (1 cup – Finely Chopped) (Vazhaithandu)

Onion (1 big – Sliced Thin & Long)

Garlic Cloves (10nos – Sliced Thin & Long)

Fresh Ginger (1 inch cube – Sliced Thin & Long)

Green Chillies (3-Finely Chopped Small)

Gram Flour (2 tsp) (Kadalai Maavu)

Fried Bengal Gram Flour (1 cup – Powdered) (Pottu-kadalai Maavu)

Rava (1tsp)

Curry Leaves (2 Sprigs)

Coriander leaves (2 Sprigs – Finely Chopped)

Salt – to taste

Oil – to deep fry


In a bowl mix all the above ingredients (except oil). 

Heat oil in a pan, when ready, bring to medium flame.

Now mix the gram flour to the onion mix, without water. If you feel water is required, just sprinkle.

Kneading the batter in the oil, fry.

Turn both sides, wait till golden brown or crisp

Dole out Crispy Plantain Pakoda. Tastes Yummy with Sauce/Ketchup.

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