Sabhudana Kitchidi

Sabhudana Kitchidi

Recipe Spotlight

Sabhudana Kitchidi is a yummy recipe usually prepared during fasting days in North India, with Cubes of Potato & Peanuts. (Sabhudhana / Javvarisi is a ready to cook food product of Tapioca / Cassava / Maravalli Kilangu.)

Servings: 4 Persons
Mrs. Bijal Somal, Mumbai
(Recipe Prepared @ Uganda)


Potato (cut 1cm cubes – 1cup)

Sabhudhana / Javvarisi (1cup) ( soaked overnight)

Groundnuts (¼cup)

Jeera (1tsp)

Green Chillies (1tsp Finely Chopped )

Coriander leaves (chopped 1tsp)

Salt (to taste)

Oil (3tsp)


Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan, fry Potatoes & keep aside. 

Fry Groundnuts in the same oil & keep aside.

When done, add Jeera to the pan, add green chillies & Saute.

Add the soaked Sabhudana / Javvarisi to the pan, sprinkle salt, Saute well in low flame.

When Cooked, add Fried Potatoes, Fried Groundnuts and mix well.

Garnish with Coriander leaves.


Dole out hot yummy Sabhudana Kitchidi.


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