Schezwan Fried Rice

schezwan fried rice

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Mix veg Fried rice with the flavour of Garlic and spicy hot taste of red chillies, Yummy Schezwan Fried Rice – An Indo-Chinese recipe..

 Servings: 4 Persons


Carrot (finely chopped ¼cup)

Cabbage (finely chopped ¼cup)

Capsicum (finely chopped ¼cup)

French Beans (finely chopped ¼cup)

Onion (finely chopped ¼cup)

Garlic (finely chopped 2 tsp)

Schezwan Sauce (Chings tastes good)

Salt to taste

Oil (6tsp)

Spring Onion (chopped ¼cup)

Cooked Rice (3cups) (Basmathi or any long thin rice)

Pepper Powder (1tsp)


Heat oil in a wide/big frying pan.

Saute all vegetables in a high flame for a minute.

Reduce the heat, add schezwan sauce and cook, for a minute.

Add the rice to the pan,  mix it well.

Garnish it with spring onions, Sprinkle pepper (and salt if required) and serve hot.


Dole out hot yummy Schezwan Fried Rice.

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