Shahi Tukre

Shahi Tukre

Recipe Spotlight

A delicious exotic taste bread marinated with Ghee and sugar, truly a rich dessert..

Servings: 4 Persons


Bread Slices (8 pcs)

Cashew (2tsp)

Pista (2tsp)

Raisins (2tsp)

Milk (1cup)

Condensed Milk (½cup)

Sugar (to taste)

Cardamon (3nos crushed)

Nutmeg powder (a pinch)


Cut the borders of each slice of bread and deep fry in Ghee or Dalda, to a golden brown colour or crisp, in Medium flame. 

Fry all Cashew, Badam, Pista & Raisins and pound coarsely.

Heat milk, condensed milk, sugar, cardamom and nutmeg in a wide pan.

Cook on a low fire till the mixture turns a little thick, then add the fried bread side by side in the pan.

Let it cook till all the moisture is absorbed by the bread.


Dole out Hot or refrigerate to eat cold.

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