Spl. Kolkatta Chai


Kolkatta ChaiRecipe Spotlight

Tea prepared with Condensed milk, gives you a special flavour & taste. Just give a try. I enjoyed in the streets of Kolkatta. I also drank this Chai in one of our Neighbouring Country.

Servings: 1 Persons


Condensed Milk

Tea Bags or Tea leaves


Heat 1cup of water till it boils.

Tea Bags:

Pour in serving up, add 2 tea bags, dip it till the tea essence is extracted. Add 1tsp of Condensed milk, Mix well.

Tea Leaves:

Add tea leaves to the water, bring it to boil, filter in a serving cup. Add 1tsp of Condensed milk, Mix well.


Enjoy yummy Condensed Milk Chai. Share it with friends and enjoy their happiness.


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