Kids Box: Tawa Paneer & Fried Rice

Tawa Paneer + Fried Rice

Recipe Spotlight

A superb menu for kids: Tawa Paneer + Fried Rice. Kids love to empty the box..

Serving: 4 Persons




Paneer cubes (2 cups)
Butter or oil (4tsp)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper Powder (1tsp)

Garlic (4 cloves, crushed)
Basmathi Rice (3 cups)
Cabbage (shredded 1cup)
Carrots (shredded ½cup)
Capsicum (sliced thin ½cup)
French Beans (sliced thin ½cup)
Spring onion (chopped 2tsp)


Wash and cook Basmathi Rice in a open vessel, keep aside & cool.
In a Tawa, fry Paneer cubes with butter or oil, sprinkle salt & pepper, keep aside.

Use the same Tawa, fry one crushed garlic clove, cabbage, carrots, capsicum & beans, add rice, sprinkle salt & pepper. 


Sprinkle spring onion, Yummy Tawa Paneer & Fried Rice, Ready. Kids love to eat them.

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