Thair Vadai


Thair VadaiRecipe Spotlight

The traditional Vadai with a hole prepared using urad dal, marinated in curd, is also one of the famous snack all over India.

  Servings: 4 Persons


Medhu Vadai Click here
Curd (½ ltr)

For Seasoning:  (optional)

Mustard Seeds (1tsp)
Curry Leaves (2sprigs)
Onion (½ cup, Chopped )
Coriander leaves (1 tsp, Chopped )
Grated Carrots (1tsp)


Prepare Vadai as per the recipe instruction.

Add the hot vadai to the bowl of curd. leave it for a hour.


When serving, garnish with the seasoning items, as shown in the image.

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