We Are Back!!

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Year 1998:

Varuval.com & Poriyal.com – were the portals that I used to upload my Recipes. As these names were specific to Tamil dishes, started to think & think.

Year 2000:

Finally came up with Samayalarai.com – The Indian Recipe Portal in Year 2000.

The Tamil word Samalayarai can be split as Samayal + Arai – Which means Cooking Room – The place for Cooking, a place to show LOVE to their Family members by Cooking..

Year 2009:

www.adupangarai.com & www.adupankarai.com – also resembles the same meaning – Cooking Room in Tamil Language, ie., Kitchen. These Portals are now forwarded to Samayalarai.com

TamilNadu etiquette:

Each state in the Indian subcontinent has its own culinary etiquette.

TamilNadu cooking is as sundry as it is yummy, from streets snacks served with spicy delight, to the graceful meals served at restaurants and home-style dishes that fit for everyone.

If you were a guest at a meal in TamilNadu (தமிழ்நாடு), a state in India, you would sit on a mat on the floor. The food would be served in plantain  leaf (வாழைஇலை) and to eat them you would use your finger. If you’re eating with your fingers, best to try to eat with your right hand and leave the left one free to pick up the water glass without leaving ‘smudges’ on the glass.

Once you’ve grasped the main cooking techniques,  you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make 

             – a world away from average restaurant offerings..