Yennai KathiriKaai Kulambu

Yennai Kathiri Kaai Kulambu

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Yennai Kathirikaai Kulambu – a traditional spicy tangy yummy gravy that goes good with Rice along with Pappad.

Servings – 4 Persons


Brinjal (Small – 8nos, slitted)
Garlic (8Cloves)
Shallots (Skin peeled – 1cup) (Sambar onion or Chopped onion)
Tamarind (2 lemon size)
Tomato (1 chopped small)
Mustard (¼tsp)
Fenugreek Seeds (¼tsp) (Vendhayam)
Turmeric Powder (¼tsp)
Home made kulambu masala – 4tsp { or Chilli Powder (2tsp) & Coriander Powder (2tsp) }
Sesame oil (5tsp) (Nal Yennai / Til-ka-Tel)
Curry Leaves (2sprigs)
Jaggery (1tsp grated)
Salt (to taste)


Cut  brinjals into 4slits each from bottom.

Make a paste with chilli powder, coriander powder, (or kulambu masala) and salt. Apply the paste inside the slits of brinjals & keep aside.

Heat gingely oil in a pan, when hot add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds, wait till mustard sputters. Add shallots (sambar onion), curry leaves and garlic cloves saute, add the brinjals and saute well until cooked, in low flame, cover the pan until brinjals are well cooked.

When done, add tomatoes, jaggery and tamarind extract, and bring the gravy to boil.


Dole out hot spicy tangy traditional Yennai Kathirikai kulambu, a good gravy for rice and goes good with Curd rice as a side dish along with Fried Papads.

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